Now, this is something I am really excited to put out. New personal project for my portfolio.

The new series is called Stash & Eddie and is about two shady characters planning and performing their shady businesses. I started planing and sketching these frames last summer and we had our first photoshoots in late October. The first part of the story will be 4-5 images and this is the first fully finished image. I also have the next one pretty much done, still needing some final touches and then I’m off to shoot the rest of them. Most of the background plates and probs have already been shot.

I will be releasing some pretty deep making of and behind the scenes stuff after I’m done with the first set of images. What’s been really interesting for me in this project is the fact that for the first time I’ve been integrating 3d graphics into my composite workflow. This also means that beside learning lots of new modelling and rendering skills I learned how to measure and match camera angles, focal lenghts and distances in effective way to match the 3d world and the real world.

3d has always been on my radar and for the past 3 years I have basically spent all my spare time learning modelling, texturing, lighting and shading 3d objects and environments. It’s been a can of worms for me, but totally worth opening. I still have thousands of miles ahead to be called as 3d artist but atleast my reddish nose is now pointed to the right direction.

Ok, enough rambling for now. I’ll leave you with couple of random behind the scenes and making of shots.

Preproduction, early state. Testing some lights in my livingroom.

Preproduction, early state. Testing some lights in my livingroom.

Early draft.

Preproduction, one of the drafts. I use these hairy demos to get my head wrapped around the angles, lights and to get general idea of what needs to be done when shooting the final frames.

Stash & Eddie - The Plan. Behind the scenes

Some of the final lighting setup. Key light: Elinchrom 100cm Rotalux. Kicker top: Elinchrom Beauty Dish (silver). Kicker right: 130x30cm Stripbox. Fill light was 175cm Elinchrom Rotalux octa behind the camera, on optical axis.


Screenshot from the 3d scene in Blender.

 Another angle from the 3d software.


Stay tuned for more!