Alright! The second one from the series. Now the guys had their sneaky planing done and are moving towards the execution part of their gig. They need a vehicle, so why not taking a low interest car loan.

This was shot in late October here in Finland, weather was piss-poor freaking cold and just when we started to light paint the car it started to rain. I had a huge piece of white fabric I planed to somehow hung above the car with light stands, duct tape and holyspirit to be used as a large softbox and to create cool gradients for the car paint to reflect. The wind and the rain rendered this ghetto Chimera box useless. Actually it transformed it into huge sail you could travel around the world with. If only I was Juan Ponce de León I would have been a happy chap and immediately start loading the ship, dreaming about the warm winds of Florida… But being me, instead, I hooked my large 175cm Elinchrom Rotalux octabox to a light boom, put that over the car, snapped a frame, moved the softbox a bit and snapped another frame and so on. Not as nice result as the fabric and the smooth gradients would have been – but atleast I had the outline of the car somewhat rim lighted. Luckily I even managed to create some near gradient-ish stuff and with a little bit work in the post it worked just fine – this is not a car ad after all.

The rain was also pain in the buttocks because it made us constantly dry the car to fit the scene.

Other than monkeying around with the fabric the shoot went nicely and was a lot of fun as it always is :)

Just like the first frame of the series I relied on 3d for some parts of the image. I modelled the parking meter, the newspaper, the concrete barriers, the trashcan, the fence with ivy, the broken carwindow, the electric device in Eddie’s lap + some additional details. It’s not that I couldn’t go out and find appropriate probs/elements to shoot but there is snow outside, which makes it relatively hard to find stuff that doesn’t look frozen or wet.

Basically everything was shot separately (as with the previous one). The light painting of the car alone took 34 layers. So the layer count in Photoshop for this one ended up with 259 layers. I don’t even want to start counting the hours that I spend on this one.

I guess this is enough for now, I’ll get back to this topic later when I’m done with the series with a huge behind the scenes article. Maybe partially in form of a video for easier overview of layers in Photoshop and the 3d stuff in Blender.

Again to close the post, here’s some making of stuff – and as good ‘ol Arnold once so cleverly said: “I’ll be bach!”

Setting the lighting for Eddie -character, who is sitting in front, starting the car.


Closer view. The boom was used to hold the light with blue gel to illuminate Eddie’s face. The two other visible lights were used as kicker lights. Notice the raindrops we were battling againts the whole shoot.


Setting up the electric blue light.

More of an overview of the set

More of an overview of the set while shooting for the Stash -character. The big umbrella behind the camera was used as a fill (in the final setup the light was moved much closer to the camera). There are three kicker lights going on, the strip from above and the two square softboxes, the octabox was the key light. I also threw in one light with red gel to match the tail lights.


The fence in Blender. This is where 3d really sings: It’s not hard to find nor shoot a fence, but cutting all the holes in Photoshop is a major PITA.


The rest of the 3d stuff. The rectangular shaped objects are lights.

Render of the park meter. Have to have one of those in a car scene, eh ?

Early test render of the park meter. Have to have one of those in a car scene, eh ? Expired, well what a shame ;)


I guess you’ll need one of these to start a car. 3d render from Blender.


The newspaper. Render on the left and the texture made in Photoshop right.

ps. Huge thumbs up for mr. Joel Kalsi for bearing with me, assisting and especially acting in these pics!  The dude rocks!

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